We make it simple.

Trying to get the perfect website has always been frustrating, especially when you are just small startup with no time or capital. Getting the right domain, choosing a hosting plan, coding, and SEO are just so painful, not to speak of all those upsells and hidden fees.

With Upshore you have everything you need in one package tailored to fit startups and small businesses’ needs.

Affordable professional dedicated designers

We find the meaning behind your brand.

Function and form are not everything. People are satisfied also through experiences. Our combined skills in Marketing, Design and Front-End Development will help you create not just websites, but also meaningful experiences.

You’ll have a dedicated designer working on your UI and UX.
Every website we make is unique.

Satisfaction guarantee

Our prices are competition-proof.

We let our clients display our logo on their website in exchange for a considerable low price.

In that way, even small startups can benefit from our services, and we can leverage on their growth potential.

We are truly down-to-earth and we understand your concerns. Fell free to contact leonardo@upshore.me if you have any question about ur service.

Brand growth competition proof

We are humans designing for humans.

We are not the usual web design agency. We always worked with and for startups. We know the struggles faced by pre-seed/early stage ventures looking to showcase, market their products and get investor attention. We help you build your online presence, credibility and become professional with unique aesthetic and exceptional user experience.

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Leonardo Balduzzi